Up to 32-Car Field

Maximum Payout







¼ Finalists


#1 Qualifier


Entry Fee


Points Sign-Up Fee


2014 Rules

1.     Racing- Handicapped racing on a full tree.

2.     Mufflers- Mufflers required. Car must be “Street” muffled.  Exhaust must extend beyond driver’s door.

3.     Body- Full bodied factory rear wheel drive street type cars only.  Grilles and bumpers must be on car.  If front bumpers are not used, cars must have complete roll pan.  FWD conversions ok; i.e. GT Super Stock

4.     Safety- You must meet all NHRA and NJ State Safety requirements for your performance level.

5.     Lettering, etc.- No race car lettering, decals or magnetic stickers anywhere on the body surface or the hood.

6.     Hoods- hood scoops must not be more then 9” above base of hood.

7.     All factory street equipment – lights, mirrors, grilles, bumpers, etc. needed for the exterior.

8.     Interior- Cars must resemble factory street type interior factory dash, door panels, 2 front seats, factory carpeting front and rear, headliner, etc.  (no gutted or bracketized interior allowed) Up to RacewayPark Management.

9.     Electronics- No delay boxes – transbrakes ok.

10.   Glass- Full factory roll down windows Lexan front and rear windshield OK.

11.   Drivetrain- No planetary or clutchless transmissions allowed.

12.   Chassis- Back half or square tube cars are permitted.  No full round tube cars.  Front wheel drive conversion cars are legal.  GT Super Stock styles ok.

13.   Tires- Unlimited Tire rules.

14.   Fuel- Top Street: Leaded or unleaded pump gas or methanol only.

15.   NOS- Nitrous Oxide is permitted.

16.   Ladders- NHRA Sportsman ladder.  i.e. 1 vs 9, 2 vs 10, etc.

17.   Qualifying- Top Street: There will be two qualifying sessions, when possible, starting as early as 10:30 A.M.  Certain Sundays are one time shot/qualifying race days. Other factors may affect the number of qualifying sessions.

18.   #1 qualifier must run first round to receive award.

19.   If you cannot run first round, tell a track official prior to eliminations.

20.   Lane choice is determined by a coin flip each round.

21.   No reruns for wrong dial-ins.  Check your dial-in before you stage.

22.   32-Car qualified field.  Top Street: 12.99 and quicker.

23.   During Round Robin, a round runs every 15 minutes.  Please get back in the lanes ASAP.  We are running under curfews.

24.   Raceway Park Management has the final word as to whether a car is legal for  “TOP STREET”.

TOP STREET POINTS DATES:                       

March 16

March 23

March 30

May 11

May 18#

May 25

June 8

June 15

June 22

July 6

July 13

August 3

August 31



# Rating points begin (explanation elsewhere in this issue of the Raceway News)

End of the Year Points Payout:

Top Street

1st Place $500

2nd Place $250

3rd Place $100

4th Place $100

                ***Payout based on 32 sign ups by May 17, 2014.

Top 8 in each class receive points Champion jacket.