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Top Street Bike will be run on scheduled Sundays in 2017.  Racers are expected to be on time for qualifying.   Two Sessions will be run; late arrivals will not have the opportunity to make up a qualifier.   Please pay attention to 87.9 FM or the PA system for all lane calls.

Raceway Park will host its 9th Annual Motorcycle/Snowmobile King of the Track event on Sunday, July 9 th .   This event is open to all Motorcycle and Snowmobile racers who conform to Raceway Park’s category rules in Motorcycle/Snowmobile ET and Top Street Motorcycle.   A Wally is up for grabs by the winner of a Run-off between the Bike/Sled ET and Top Street Motorcycle classes!   This event will give Motorcycle and Snowmobile ET racers the opportunity to win a NHRA Wally trophy during this King of the Track day at Raceway Park.   Sponsorship opportunities are available.   Please contact Cheryl Beck at Raceway Park with any questions.

This year’s Top Dog Bounty Days will be held on May 14th and August 20th. The Top Street Bike Top Dog Bounty Race will pay double payout to any racer that beats a “Top Dog” or remains a “Top Dog”.  This race is open to all Top Street Bike racers.  The winners of each Top Street Motorcycle event are considered the “Top Dogs”.  If you beat a “Top Dog” in the first round, you are now the “Top Dog”.  If you are a “Top Dog” and make it to the money rounds, the semi finals, your payout will be doubled.  The title of “Top Dog” does not carry over past the first person that beats a “Top Dog”.  In other words, if the person who beats a “Top Dog” loses, that winner is not a “Top Dog”.

2017 Top Street Bike Rules:

1. Open to all street type motorcycles (No drag bikes)

2. Riders must have current operators and NHRA license if needed

3. Bike must appear or resemble street trim with working rear tail light required

4. Stock appearing aftermarket bodywork allowed

5. Rear Brake:  Operational front & rear brakes mandatory

6. Chain guard mandatory

7. Factory type rear suspension only (No struts)

8. Chassis and swing arm modifications allowed

9. Wheelbase a maximum of 74 inches with rear tire not extending past the rear fender

10. No slicks, wheelie bars or delay boxes

11. Number and dial-in plates required on left side of bike

12. Approved full face helmet, full finger leather gloves, leather jacket and shoes covering your ankle mandatory, bikes 9.99 or 125 mph must have a full leather suit and license

13. Tether kill cord required


The weekly payout for the Top Street Bike Eliminator is based 32 entries in the first round. WINNER- $250, RUNNER UP- $125, SEMIS- $60, #1 QUALIFIER - $50.

For all racers wishing to sign up for Top Street Bike points in the Sunoco Championship Points Series at Raceway Park, racers MUST sign up for points in order to earn any championship points, and MUST sign up before first round to receive points for the race day.  As a special courtesy, racers have the opportunity to sign up for points before the first points day, or on the first day before first round, and earn a bonus point towards the race season!   Please see Sunoco Championship Points Series information elsewhere in this issue for more information about end of season earnings.   Good luck to all of you!  

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