Times & Fees:
Open 8pm at Gate #4 (Airport)
$12 Adult
$5 Ages 6-11
Under 6 Free

Open 5pm at Gate #4 (Airport)
$20 Drag Race
$12 Adult
$5 Ages 6-11
Under 6 Free

 Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come for our biggest event at Motor Speedway to date!

As you may already know, our usual events planned for Friday night have been cancelled this week as we need to be in full swing for Satuday and Sunday

Saturday, 25th. Hot Rod RACES!!! Live bands, Old Time Drags pre party!!! Nebulas are playing at 6pm next to the drag strip....without costumes. Then will return at dark in full costume.
Special Guests - Burbank Choppers & Alter Boys
Gates open at 5 pm, come to gate 4!

Saturday bring your hot rod and your favorite gal out to Motor Speedway! Racing starts at 5pm, run what ya brung! Come out and meet the Burbank Choppers and see the cars of The Altar Boys in our Oilers cc invitational... they are driving down allll the way from Mass. to hang with us this weekend! And dont forget to stick around until after dark as we will be premiering exclusively on our drive in movie screen the Brian Darwas film and documentary "The Devil at Your Feet", a new hot rod film starring our guests the Altar Boys and the Burbank Choppers... Music will be provided by our swinging DJ, and Live music will come from The Nebulas.... prepare for the MOJO. Tell you friends and family because if you havent been to a Motor Speedway event yet... this is the one to come to, this party will SWING!!

Saturday: Gates open at 5pm (come to gate 4 look for our giant Motor Speedway sign)

Admission for adults is $12 bucks kids (6-11) are $5 and a tech card to race is only $20 bucks with admission included

Sunday 26th. All out DRAGS!!! ...and more. All the day long... Ribeye Brothers are playing!
Gate opens at 8 am go to gate 4!
8 am.... to 6pm, maybe a little later if the party is a party!

Sunday we will be open in conjunction with Raceway Park's annual Old Time Drags with only the best vintage dragsters and hot rods at Motor Speedway on the 1/8th mile... Hot rods, Gassers, alterds, rails - run what ya brung! sunday sunday sunday this is the only day this year where we will have all out drag cars on our strip!  The choppers will still be hanging around so come say hello!  Listen to the swanky sounds of our Motor Speedway DJ and our favorite band the Ribeye Brothers... Gates open at 8 am sharp... bring your kids out for a day of fun and excitement and witness the living history of Motor Speedway... DO IT for the kids

Aadmission is $20 for adults Kids (6-11) $5 and $20 for a tech card with included admission

Bring out your pre 64 cars and have a good time with us at Motor Speedway, have a wonderful day and we hope to see you come out this weekend...

-Motor Speedway crew

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Dont be affraid to Email us woh oh! dont dont, dont dont, be affraid, i said dont be affraid to Email us at

And Check out our website because it is finally up and running (although still under construction) and has all of the Motor Speedway info you need!

Ya see, whats old... is new again, for some of us anyway. Young men have returned to their roots, building cars and hopping up engines from yester year.  It's a passion, no... it's a sickness! 

 Before the NHRA even existed, gents like Wally Parks were peeling fenders and hoods off early "Iron" to make automobiles and motorbikes more aero-dynamic, stream lined, and lighter! Hopping up engines, stuffing bigger V8's in smaller production bodies for the sake of going faster and pushing their limits on a weekly basis. We youth, are still doing it! Even if we are over 50 years of age, or just turned 18. It is a common plane between us as we learn along the way and push the envelope alway further.
 Sure we could could move into the future and go faster, using fuel injection, A&M fittings and electronics, but it's the trill of the hunt for us. Finding the missing pieces of puzzles from days past. Immersing our selves in our own history and learning the progression of speed and how it all evolved. Yup, ...some of us are stuck in the past, and just want to stay here!
 We scour our country for the right parts so we can preserve history.  Because that is what this is, "living history". Want a dose?  Then come attend a Motor Speedway event happening here at legendary Raceway Park.  Think of it as the lost speedway! 
 Here at Motor Speedway, we only run Pre 1958 autos, and Pre 1965 bikes on the strip! Keeping our past time in check, and tradition paramount. We are sticklers for cars entering into our history lesson with the right parts.  We have a special section just for these cars. 
  There is, however, plenty of parking for cars and bikes that don't fit into the "history zone". We have a Pre 64 section for cars and later bikes... it is always a car show at this drag strip!  All cars are welcome too, stockers, modifieds, choppers, etc. We do allow later cars on the strip if they are cars that may have run in the later 60's.  We just don't want beat up stockers painted to look like hot rods.  A straight axle Gasser of a later year is more then welcome! We just try and limit some later cars so the strip is filled with radical stuff of days past.   That doesn't mean we won't let two stockers go at it either.
For more info, please email us for details or get on the mailing list at;
  Again, it is a bit of a history lesson, ...not just a drag strip!
Many drag strips don't have such standards, but we aim to keep the old days alive and well while honoring our "Hot Rod" forefathers. Come check it out!
  You'll here old time music; jump blues raw soul, early R&R, doo-wop, and more! We play all the swinging numbers, ...on vinyl too!  Even our record player is vintage... Dig it man! And don't forget the "live" music as well, yup... we bring the "Mojo".
 Come see a movie on the "Big Screen",   yup, ...the big screen!  We are saving New Jersey one weekend at a time with our old time movies on our bonified Drive-In-Movie screen!  Two features a night on our Friday evenings events, "Hollywood Nights".  Movies start at dark! See lots of hot rod havoc, creature features, or two wheeled mayhem!  Just tune in those radios, listen, and watch.  Motor Speedway has it all! 
 Email us for for details, movie listings, questions, swap meets, and more.  
 Help our history stay alive, bring a kid to a car show! 

















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