NOTE: Pre Inspection will be held at Monmouth Truck Equipment on August 17th
between 9:00AM and 2:00PM. There is a $10 discount provided for those who are pre-inspected. Those who enter on day of event will pay the full $45 Competitor Entry Fee. Please email any to

Gates Open: 7:30AM
Show Starts: 10:00AM
Spectators: $15
Competitors: $45 (Save $10 by pre-inspecting. See info above.)

Event takes place on Raceway Park Motocross Racetrack

General Rules: NJTSTC
Rules and Regulations:

1.     Full face helmet worn required and must be worn (no exceptions)

2.     Neck brace required (will be available for purchase)

3.     Vehicle registration/insurance required/Outlaw class is exempt

4.     Driver must have valid driver license from state driver resides

5.     Vehicle must have functioning seatbelts

6.     Vehicle must have tow points front and rear

7.     No nitrous

8.     Open vehicles must have minimum factory roll bar/windshield

Outlaw class must have cage and harness

9.     Open vehicles  must have minimum ½ door (hard or soft)

10     No alcohol in the pits (Zero tolerance. Violators will be asked to leave with no refund).

11 All vehicles must have properly held down battery

12    All D.O.T. tires, No tractor tires

13    Violation of any class or general rules ground for immediate disqualification

14     No spotters allowed

15     No passengers

CLASSES: Daily Drivers: Class for slightly modified vehicles.

1.     (not stock) up to 35” tires no beadlock wheels allowed.

2.     Limit one locker (dual locked must run Weekend Warrior class)

3.     All lights must work (blinkers, running lights, headlights.)

4.     Must have stock suspension configuration. No string overs, no long arms

5.     Must have factory engine with no power adders. (Nitrous, superchargers, turbos.)

6.     Battery must be in stock position and secured.

7.     Vehicles must have full exhaust (including catalytic converter)

      Weekend Warriors: Class for modified vehicles.

1.     Must have 35” to 38” tires no beadlock wheels allowed.

2.     All lights must work (blinkers, running lights, headlights.)

3.     Modified suspension allowed, spring overs, long arms.

4.     Factory engine required

5.     No power adders (nitrous, superchargers, turbos.)

6.      Vehicles must have fenders

7.     Fuel cell vehicles, cell must be in factory location and must be at least 15 gallons.  Must have bulkhead between driver.
8. Vehicles must have full exhaust to a tailpipe.


1.     Over 38” tires Beadlocks allowed.

2.     Vehicles with fuel cells must have bulkhead between driver and cell.

3.     Must be dot tires (no tractor tires)

4.     Open headers allowed.

5.     Non factory engine allowed

6.     Any open vehicles must have full roll cage and harness