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NOTICE: All Riders under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or guardian parent present the entire day. Parent or guardian MUST be on file with Raceway Park.
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Weekly Practice Schedule:*
Wednesdays on MX Racetrack:
Gates Open/Registration begins: 11:30AM.
Practice: 12:00 Noon until Dusk. 
Saturday's & Sunday's on MX Practice Track:
Gates Open/Registration begins: 9:30AM
Practice: 10:00AM until 6:00PM
*All events subject to cancellation in the case of inclement weather or poor conditions.

Come on out and show off what you’ve got!
Motorcross Practice at Raceyway Park The Motocross Practice Track is the place for mud-flinging fun for rider's of all performance levels. Of course, rigorous practice in the highly competitive world of motocross racing provides fun group activities and gives our motocross riders the best chance of safely negotiating the exciting high speeds, big jumps, and tight turns normally associated with racing on MX tracks. But you don't have to be "going Pro" to have a good time on your bike or quad!! To support our motocross racers and off road riding enthusiasts, motocross practice days are conducted four days a week during the season on both the actual RPMX racetrack and 2-wheel off road practice tracks. Practice days are conducted for motorcycles only on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Race days are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays with a practice day often held the day before on the motocross tracks for special events on the yearly schedule.
MX Practice may conducted in sessions. If this is the procedure on an event day, groups may be separated by skill level and/or by motorcycle. Experts must show proof of level with District Card (Please have district card for expert verification).
Minimum gear includes:
Helmet (designed for motocross with chin strap, not a bicycle helmet or any type of open-face helmet).
Long sleeve jersey.
Chest protector (made of hard plastic, not a rock guard).
iding gloves.
Long pants.
Motorcycle kneepads.
iding boots
About the MX Practice Action…

MX PracticeRaceway Park’s practice motocross tracks offer one of the most exciting things to do in New Jersey for kids of all ages. Challenging yet safe, our tracks are predominantly natural terrain MX tracks that follows the lay of the land, using hills and slopes for drop offs and step ups, with berms cut into the sides of any undulations. The tracks provide both good length straights for speed as well as challenging obstacles like off cambers, banks, ledges, g-out ditches, and more. The riding surfaces on the practice motocross tracks are mostly soft loam, the best surface for a nice ride, and are slightly angled to allow for drainage. The tracks are also regularly maintained to keep the jump faces, bowls, and whoops from rutting and cupping out. When you’re looking for things to do in NJ to enhance your riding skills, we hope you consider Raceway Park for all your motocross racing , ATV racing, and Quad racing practice needs.

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