MX Practice Tracks Now Open
Wednesday's, Saturday's & Sunday's
Good times await you at Raceway Park’s Motocross Tracks!! Test Your Skills and Endurance!Any motocross riDer will tell you that it's about competition and fun!! That's exactly what Raceway Park’s motocross tracks offer—the challenge of high speeds, big jumps, and tight turns! In fact, our track has deservedly earned the reputation as being one of the roughest and toughest
motocross racing tracks in the northeast!

Motorcross Racing The Raceway Park Motocross Racing and Motocross Practice Tracks , have something for every level of motocross rider.  Track has been providing a full schedule  of fun stuff for kids to do in NJ for over 30 years. In that time it has truly seen the very best of the world's greatest motocross riders, including Jeff Ward, Ron Lechien, Mike Larocco, Jeff Emig, Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, and Ryan Villapoto, to name just a few. The track is approximately 1 mile long with soil varying from harder packed dirt to sand, and it offers a challenging combination of jumps, corners, and other obstacles. Maneuvering around the track, often with thirty or forty other racers, takes a high level of skill, determination, and durability.

Motorcross RacingLocated adjacent to the famous Englishtown Raceway Park quarter mile drag strip and across from the all new paved 1.3 mile Raceway Park road course , the Raceway Park Motocross Track is home to the Kawasaki Race of Champions (and Pro Am Points Race), NJ State Championship (sponsored by American Suzuki), Loretta Lynn Qualifiers, Northeast Classic Series Race, and also part of the Ultimate Series of which four of those races offer manufacturer's contingency.

The motocross track is managed by long time Raceway Park Announcer, Rich Trevelise. Prior to announcing Rich was a Rider from the 70's into the 80's and over the years has interviewed some of the top riders in the sport right here at raceway park, such as Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Roger DeCoster, Bob Hannah. Through these many years of experience not only working at Raceway Park, but also racing at many events over the years he is looking to bring this experience and knowledge to provide another year of excellent mx racing with a number of practice days for 2015.

The track is open from March thru the end of November every year and holds both racing events along with open practice days.
Check out one of the most famous motocross facilities in the Northeast and see why Raceway Park has such a great reputation for providing the most exciting things to do in New Jersey...you won’t be disappointed!

Gates Open Saturday at 8AM & Sunday at 7AM
Racer Pricing:
Saturday Practice: $40 (For Pre-Registered Sunday Racers)
Sunday Race Class Pricing:
1st Race Class: $45
Extra Bike Class: $35
Spectator: $15
2-Day Spectator: $25
Children: (Age 6-11) $5
Children 5 & Under - FREE
Overnight Parking: $15
Youth MX Series Pricing:
Racer 1st Class: $40
Extra Bike Class: $25
Spectator: $15
2-Day Spectator: $25
Children: (Age 6-11) $5
Children 5 & Under - FREE
Overnight Parking: $15
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