HHP Racing Modern Mopar Drags

Entering its tenth year, HHP Racing Modern MOPAR Drags will be bringing back the fastest Hemis to Raceway Park in 2014 and setting new records as our participants continue to push their cars to the limits. Whether you're a first time racer or an experienced expert, this series is for you! This series will feature the Hemi Bracket eliminator and a Quick X Exhibition class and will run on select Saturday race dates. For additional information, please visit www.hhpracing.com and racewaypark.com. Or, visit HHP Racing on Facebook.

  • $30 Tech Card Fee
  • Any LX, LC Jeep or Ram Pickup with a base 3rd Gen Hemi Engine ONLY (No V6 None LX/LC vehicles
  • All run, Bracket Style Racing , dial your own et.
  • 10.00-19.99
  • .500 full tree.
  • No delay boxes
  • deep staging honored
  • Must be Streetable

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Safety Rules Update

Roll Bar Rule