Raceway Park’s 2015
Loretta Lynn Qualifier Schedule
March 26 - 29, 2015


- This race weekend is open to ALL racers consisting of two SEPARATE race days.
- Friday’s open practice is ONLY open to those racing this weekend. 
- ONLY specific classes will be offered each day, and results from this weekend’s race will NOT be counted for RP Points.

- ONLY those qualifying for Loretta's will be required to pay the extra $10 LL Fee...if not qualifying, then all fees will remain the same as a regular race day.  
  - If you’re trying to qualify for Loretta’s you will pay the first class Racer Fee of $45 (which INCLUDES the gate fee) PLUS the $10 LL Fee for a total of $55.  For each additional class, you will pay the $35 racer fee PLUS the $10 LL fee for a total of $45 (for additional classes & each day).  Those NOT qualifying will not pay the extra $10 LL fee. 
 - For those coming in Friday or Saturday, WEEKEND Spectator passes will be sold for $25.  However, if you are racing on Saturday ONLY and you leave Saturday night, a $10 refund will be issued on the way out by turning in wristband and spectator tickets making it a $15 spectator fee for the day.  NO refunds will be given without wristband and entry ticket.  No refunds for race entry.

- Be prepared to pay for ENTIRE weekend upon entering gate

- Purse Money- Riders in the 250 & Open A classes along with the 250A/Pro Sport & 450A/Pro Sport Classes will be awarded 100% pay back.       


Wednesday 3/25: 
 Open Practice on RACE track from 12pm to Dusk ($40)

Thursday 3/26:
- 7pm-9pm PRE-TICKET sales to pull right in Friday morning.  NO REGISTRATIONS.

  Friday 3/27:
- Gates will open at 7:00am for weekend and will close Friday night at 11pm
- Open Practice on RACE track from 10am to 4:00pm ($40)
- Open Practice Registration from 8am – 3pm
- Racer Registration from 8am – 7pm  

Saturday 3/28
- Gates open 7:00am and close at 11pm
- Sign up from 7:00am to 9:00am
- Practice starts 8:30am
- Racing scheduled to start at 10:30am
- Early sign up for Sunday’s race approximately 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Sunday 3/29
- Gates open 7am
- Sign up from 7:00am to 9:00am
- Practice from 8:30am
- Racing scheduled to start at 10:30am

Racers : (Racer fees INCLUDE gate fee.)
First class         $45
Second Class   $35
- Riders qualifying for LL pay an extra $10 per class

Spectators :
Adults: Friday OR Saturday entry-          $25
(If leaving Sat night, $10 refund will be issued.)  
Sunday entry-       $15  

Children: Friday OR Saturday entry-        $10

(If leaving Sat night, $5 refund will be issued.)
Sunday admission-        $5

Overnight Parking for Weekend:
Friday or Saturday Entry            $15 weekend fee
(If arriving on Saturday and leaving Sat. night, parking fee will be refunded.)