Kawasaki Race of Champions

Schedule of Events: October 2 - 4
Friday- Gates Open with Open Practice on MX Race Track
Saturday- Youth and Amateur Classes, Plus ALL Vet Expert Classes
Sunday- Racing, Pro Expert Classes, Special Exhibition Classes, & 
more !!!


Thursday Schedule:
Gates will open Thursday evening for early event purchases, parking and Sign-Up at the tower.
See pricing below.

Friday Schedule & Fees:
Gates open: 8am - 11pm
Open Practice: 10am - 4pm
Racer Sign-Up
Practice Fee: $40
Race Class Fee: $50 per class (Includes Riders Pass)
Overnight Parking Fee: $15 (Weekend Pass)
Adult Spectator: $25 (Weekend Pass)
Children (age 6-11): $5 (Non-Rider)

Sign up for Practice AND Race Of Champion Classes Friday from 8am-3:30pm & 8pm-9pm

NOTE: Riders must have Trackside Transponder prior to sign up.  Weekend rentals available for $15 (Including Friday practice use).  Visit E-score for rentals prior to signup.  

Saturday Schedule & Fees:
Gates Open: 6am -10pm
Sign Up: 6:30 - 9:30am
Practice: 8:30am
Racing: 11am

Sunday Schedule & Fees:
Gates Open: 7am
Racer Sign-Up: 7 - 9:30am
Practice: 9 - 11am
Pro Qualifiers: 11am - 12:30pm (if needed)

Feature Racing: 1pm
Pro Race Fee: $50 per class
Adult Spectator: $15
Children Spectator: $5

The following information is a tentative outline for this event:

SATURDAY: ALL trophy classes and 25+, 30+, and 40+ Expert classes.

SUNDAY:   250 & Open Pro-Expert classes, Ironman Classic, Top Gun Mini Cycle Shootout, & 65cc “Kessler Cup” races.

Saturday’s sign up is from 6:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. (you MUST sign up before practice).

Practice Information: Practice on Saturday will begin at approximately 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.  On Sunday practice will begin at 9:00am SHARP for the Ironman Classic, Mini Cycle Shootout Exhibition Racers, and “Kessler Cup” events.  All 250 & Open Pro-Expert racers will have one half hour practices from 10:00 AM to 11.00 AM.

The Raceway Park Motocross Staff advises that you walk the race track for your safety before practice.  There will be NO REFUNDS for any reason once the first practice session begins.  This includes mechanical failures, illness, weather related conditions, non-qualifiers, etc.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

The official rules for this weekend's event follow the AMA guidelines.  Visiting racers from out-of-state should ask questions before race time.

You must sign up before practice.  Practice tickets must be handed in at time of entering track.

1.      250 & Open C Novices
250 & Open C Novices
250 & Open B Amateur
250 & Open B Amateur
All Youth 85cc Classes & Women
All Youth 85cc Classes & Women
ALL 50cc age groups/classes
8.   Vet Experts
Vet Experts
10.  Super Mini & Jr Mini
(ages 9 thru 15
25+, 30+, 40+, 45+ Am/Nov
25+, 30+, 40+, 45+ Am/Nov
65cc 7-9 & 10-11
Schoolboy & Collegeboy    
15.  Schoolboy & Collegeboy

Check posting board for exact order.

THERE WILL NOT BE A LATE PRACTICE SESSION.  Practice tickets must be turned in at the starting gate at the time of practice.  NO TICKET...NO PRACTICE!!!

SPECIAL NOTE: Wristbands are your entry tickets for Sunday. No wristband, No entry.

RACERS WHO ARE COMPETING IN MORE THAN ONE CLASS: It is very difficult to prepare a race order that everyone approves of.  The Raceway Park motocross sign-up staff will do their best to schedule each moto as far apart as possible. Please be prepared for the order below. The following is a tentative order for Saturday's trophy classes, 25+, 30+, and 40+ Expert day.  Please be sure to check posting board for exact order. 

Race Order #1:
50cc 4-6 Stock
50cc 7-8 Stock
45+ (All abilities)
Schoolboy 4 Str. (14-16)
25+ Expert
25+ Amateur/Novice**
Open Four Stroke
85cc 12-15*
85cc 9-11*
50cc 4-8 Open & 50 Oil
250 Amateur**
250 Amateur**
65cc 10-11***
65cc 7-9***
40+ Amateur/Novice
250 Novice
250 Novice
30+ Expert
30+ Amateur**
Schoolboy 2 Str. (12-16)
Collegeboy (Ages14-24)
Junior Mini (Ages 9-13)
30+ Novice
40+ Expert
Open Amateur**
Supermini (ages 12-16)
Open Novice
**** Women, may be combined with another class if less then 15 sign up.)
125 Two Stroke                      

*    Riders placing 1st thru 20th overall in the 85cc 9-11 and 12-15 qualify for the Mini Cycle Shootout on Sunday. NO Big wheel 80's/100's allowed in Shootout. 85cc small wheel bikes only.   (Jr. Mini & Super Mini classes do not qualify.)
**   Riders placing 1st thru 10th overall in the 250cc, Open, 25+ and 30+ Amateur (B) classes qualify for the Ironman Classic event on Sunday.  
***The top twenty overall (1-20 in each class) in the 65cc 7-9 and 65cc 10-11 (up to 40 riders eligible combined) are invited to compete on Sunday for the  "Kessler Cup" .

PURSE AND AWARDS:  Youth, Novice, School Boy, Collegeboy, Amateur and Senior classes - Awards will be given out to 1st through 8th places. 
Kawasaki Manufacturers contingency will be paid to select classes.  
PROS AND EXPERTS:  Qualifying motos will be run if 41 or more riders sign up in a class. The top 20 from each qualifier will race in features.  These short qualifiers are to determine 40 rider, two moto program.  NO payout for qualifiers.  ALL riders except 2015 Raceway Park Motocross Points Series (Top 3 riders only) must qualify into 40 rider field.  Moto payout for 250 & Open Expert class listed below. All Vet Expert classes- purse based on exact number of entries per class times $40.00 divided into two moto payout.


                      $4,470 PURSE

$2,235 Per Moto, Paying to 15th Position

(Based on a minimum of 40 rider paid entry)

1st $425           6th $130           11th $70

2nd $325          7th $110           12th $65

3rd $275           8th $100           13th $60

4th $225           9th $ 90            14th $55

5th $175           10th $ 80          15th $50


                    $4,000 PURSE

$2,000 Per Moto, Paying to 15th Position

(Based on a minimum of 40 rider paid entry)

1st $400           6th $115           11th $70

2nd $300          7th $95             12th $65

3rd $225           8th $85             13th $60

4th $175           9th $80             14th $55

5th $150           10th $75           15th $50

PLUS Kawasaki contingency.

PLUS –Pro Am Points for Sunday’s 250 and Open A Classes.

                                                                                                            START TIME
39th Annual Kawasaki Race of Champions
Sunday October 4th Tentative Schedule.

8:15am - 8:30am             Riders Meeting

8:30am - 8:50am             450 Pro Practice

8:55am - 9:07am             65cc Kessler Cup Practice Sponsored By Town & Country Cycle

9:10am - 9:22am             Ironman Classic Practice Sponsored By PomptonSportCenter

9:25am - 9:45am             250 Pro Practice

9:50am - 10:02am          50cc Fast Fifty Practice

10:05am - 10:17am        85cc Top Gun Mini Cycle Shootout Practice Sponsored By Mt.Holly

10:20am - 10:40am        Track Prep/Open Time For Promotion(s)

10:45am - 11:05am        450 Pro Qualifiers (If Needed)

11:15am - 11:35am        250 Pro Qualifiers (If Needed)

11:45am - 12:05pm        450/250 Pro Last Chance Qualifiers (If Needed)

12:05pm - 12:40pm        Track Prep/Welcome To Riders, Families And Spectators Open Time For Promotions/Interviews

12:40pm - 12:45pm        Salute To Our Troops/National Anthem

12:45pm                           450 Pro Moto 1

1:20pm                             Fast Fifty Moto

1:40pm                             “Hero’s Versus Legends Moto

2:00pm                             250 Pro Moto 1

2:30pm                             Kessler Cup

2:55pm                             450 Pro Moto 2

3:30pm                             Ironmam Classic

3:55pm                             250 Pro Moto 2


PRACTICE    Kessler Cup: 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM

Mini Cycle Shootout:  9:15 AM to 9:30 AM

Ironman Classic: 9:30 AM to 9:45 AM

*OPEN PRO EXPERT: 9:45 AM to 10:15 AM

*250 PRO EXPERT: 10:15 AM to 10:45 AM

* FASTEST 10 riders in practice are automatically entered into Dash-For-Cash!

QUALIFIERS (if needed)   Open Pro-Expert  (4 lap race) - 18 transfer: 11:15 AM to 11:35 AM

250 Pro-Expert(4 lap race) - 18 transfer:11:35 AM to 11:55 AM

Raceway Park Motocross Top 3 Points Champions are seeded and do not have to run qualifiers.

O pen Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) (4 lap race) – 4 riders transfer: 11:55 AM – 12:05 PM

250 Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) (4 lap race) – 4 riders transfer: 12:05 PM – 12:15 PM

DASH-FOR-CASH, Winner take all: 12:15 PM


OPEN EXPERT FEATURE MOTO: 12 Lap Race: 1:00 PM “Sharp”

“65cc Kessler Cup” 4 Lap Race: 1:45 PM

250 EXPERT10 Lap Race: 2:45 PM

“85cc Mini Cycle Shootout” 4 Lap Race: 3:20 PM

OPEN EXPERT FINAL: 12 Lap Race: 3:40 PM

"Ironman Classic”  6 Lap Race:4:15 PM

250 PRO-EXPERT FINAL10 Lap Race:4:45 PM

NOTE: Riders qualified to participate in the three exhibition races (Ironman, Mini Cycle Shootout, and Kessler Cup) will be given one track inspection lap prior to moto.


Kawasaki Race of Champions to use the Trackside Transponder

Transponder Info Page

The 2013 Kawasaki Race of Champions has been added to the list of events that are using the Trackside Transponder for scoring.  Racers will be able to rent transponders at the track for $10 per day with a $100 deposit.  Racers who already own a Trackside Transponder, be sure to bring it with you to registration.   See the link below during racing to see live results.


Transponder rental details:

   - All racers will be required to have a transponder.

   - A racer only needs one transponder no matter how many classes the racer is in.

   - Racers will pay $20 cash and give a CC imprint or cash for $100 deposit.

   - Credit card imprints are not processed until Sunday night, then only non-returned transponders will be charged.

   - Racers who return their transponder on Saturday will be given back $110.  (credit card imprint slip and $10 cash ).

   - Racers who return their transponder on Sunday will be given back $100 (credit card imprint).


What riders get in return:

Lap Times:

    We will display lap times and results on a TV in a designated area

    We will supply a touch screen for racers to print their lap times

     We will broadcast a LIVE RESULTS link for everyone to get live scoring of all events


    We will provide a live results feed to your announcer for the most accurate information

    Fast and accurate posting of race results on the web and posting board 

For more details, visit http://mxtransponder.com/ on the web