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Kart Racing at Raceway Park — Competitive, Friendly, and Fun!

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Old Bridge Township Raceway Park has always been a great gathering place for many northeast karting enthusiasts.  As the track is perfectly located in the New York Tri-State area and offers some of the best competition in karting. Starting off strong over sixteen years ago the facility has hosted many great kart races and has created some of the toughest and skilled kart racers in the country. Many revere the track as challenging with a technical layout that readies anyone to compete wherever their career may take them. As within any sport or league you see highs and lows in participation but this coming year we are very excited to reveal that 2018 will reach an all-time high for karting at Raceway Park. Seeing a substantial growth spurt at the end of last season has prompted us to work even harder to promote fun and exciting karting at Raceway Park. As many racers are aware Raceway Park is restructuring much of the activities happening at the facility. Of course change always brings a level of uncertainty but we can reveal a bright future for karting at the facility. 

The F-Series will be hosting numerous events at Raceway Park that include the State Championship, a three night race series and of course the annual Gearup Challenge at E-Town. This will give our community a solid schedule of events not only to grow the numbers of racers but also increase the level of competition present in New Jersey. As for the F-Series team that will be handling all karting activities at Raceway Park will continue to fine tune the best possible rules and regulations for the racers. The class structure presented by the F-Series gives many different manufactures the opportunity to participate while keeping it simple for the racers. In the past two seasons the eight classes offered for various age groups have presented large fields with a variety of new and veteran racers at each event. It will again be a very inviting atmosphere and we urge everyone from veteran to newcomer to visit the track to see the possibilities for you to get started in karting.  

As many racers and teams are aware it takes a very good support group of shops to keep everyone running smooth. We have confirmed the support of many reliable and professional vendors that will keep everyone from newcomer to pro running at peak performance. Many vendors and shops are listed on our sponsor page website for all the services needed. Please visit the page often as vendors and shops are added monthly.

Our excitement has to be told is within some of the improvements that have been discussed and planned with Raceway Park over the past six months. As many are aware Alex Napp has been a big part of why karting has flourished and remained a stable activity at Raceway Park. The combined plans for the future include aesthetic, infrastructure and safety upgrades that will ensure karting at the facility will be a blast. We are not going to spoil all the surprises so make sure to come and see for yourself and join our Raceway Park and F-Series karting community for some of the most intense racing anywhere!    

Besides being some of the most recognizable racecar drivers in the world, do you know what guys like Michael Andretti, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Jeff Gordon, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have in common? They all began their racing careers at an early age in the competitive motorsport of kart racing!

1.jpg Kart racing  at Raceway Park offers one of the most exciting things to do in New Jersey for those looking for  family fun activities   . Each year, we welcome both returning kart racers and those new to the sport to a fun and challenging  karting schedule   staged on karting specific circuit   . Our kart racers include everyone from kids to adults who love putting on a great show for the many fans and families who come out to cheer them on at Raceway Park.  


The Raceway Park karting staff offers Instructional and beginner classes for new level entries. The classes begin at age 5 for Kid Kart drivers to juniors 8 to 15 and go all the way up to the "master" classes for the veteran competitors. Various engines are used in kart racing, but the popular platforms are the Touch and Go 125 cc engines while the younger drivers utilize the 60cc Mini Tag engines while many of the pro drivers go with the 125 cc six speed shifter. Having adopted a consistent rules package some years ago has made karting at Raceway Park very cost effective. A day spent kart racing usually starts with two practice rounds, moves onto a qualifying round following a pre-final and concludes with a main final race. Practice days offer a no pressure day at the track with plenty of on track sessions for all groups.

4.jpgThe track runs under the F-Series rules and regulations from March to November and attract kart racers from all over the northeast. Raceway Park is fully dedicated to the safety of the karters, and consequently we go to great lengths to provide a safe racing environment. Kart racing is traditionally a relatively safe sport. There are very few incidents in contrast to other forms of racing such as motocross, and any incidents that do occur are usually minor. Speeds in the various classes vary from a low of 40 mph in the JR classes to a high of 90 mph in the 125-shifter karts. Safety equipment in kart racing consists of shoes that cover the ankle, karting suit, helmet, gloves and a neck collar.  


Make karting a part of your corporate events in New Jersey with our Full Tilt kart racing program!

Kart racing and corporate events? You better believe it! Families taking New Jersey day trips aren’t the only ones looking for a thrill. Corporate outings, sports teams, clubs, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday and anniversary parties, and other organizations with a “need for speed” are encouraged to take advantage of our Full Tilt Program throughout the year.

Full Tilt turns boring corporate events in New Jersey into thrilling corporate adventures through the exciting world of kart racing. Here are the basics:

You and your employees or group receive personalized instruction on kart operation, safety, rules of the road and driver equipment, followed by hands-on experience on the track. Our package includes:

  • Full, personalized instruction
  • Kart rental and full track access
  • Driving suit, helmet, gloves – everything you need
  • Groups of up to 30 people

Additional Package options:

  • Fully catered lunches
  • Air conditioned meeting suites

Join us this year for what will prove to be a very successful and fun karting season. It’s one of the most exhilarating rides you can experience at the #1 New Jersey motorsports park — Raceway Park!

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Full Tilt Racing Arrive & Drive:
Full Tilt Racing can provide an individual or group with the excitement of kart racing at a very reasonable price. Great for bachelor parties, corporate events, team building workshops and more. A professional staff will outfit you with everything you need for a day at the track. Your personalized race day includes the following:
·          All necessary safety equipment, racer’s suit, helmet, gloves, etc.
·          Easy to drive, fast racing karts
·          A professional staff to run and direct your event with question and answer session
·          An indoor safety meeting to go over the kart and how to drive it (If you can drive a car, you can easily drive a kart)
·          Your event may also be catered and includes usage of a VIP Tower Suite.
Please visit fulltiltracing.com for additional information.

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