Check out Raceway Park’s Jr. Drag Races! 

Jr Drag Racing The late Raceway Park track owner, Vincent Napp Jr., built a half-scale dragster for his kids in 1991, never dreaming that his invention would launch an exciting new sport for thousands of young people across North America. But that's exactly what happened. The following year, the NHRA unveiled the Jr. Dragsters as a sanctioned class on July 9, 1992, during the 23rd annual Mopar Parts Nationals at Raceway Park. The NHRA now offers eighth-mile drag racing competition for boys and girls 6 to 17 years old (5 yr olds can only make single passes, Exhibition class) at facilities throughout the country as part of the NHRA Junior Drag Racing League ( JDRL ).

Raceway Park is the only facility of its kind that offers a separate 1/8th mile drag strip solely for the Jr. Dragsters. On most Sundays throughout the year, you will find close to 100 racers and their families participating in fun group activities in this safe and controlled environment where they compete for trophies, savings bonds, and bragging rights in our
points series . We are also proud to send our finest racers to compete at the Eastern Conference Finals in Bristol, Tennessee and the Divisionals event in Maryland every year.

When you watch the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League, you’re watching the future of NHRA Drag Racing . The Jr. Dragsters are a great steppingstone for those looking to get into a full size racecar, and many former Jr. Dragster racers have gone on to do great things in the sport, even piloting top fuel dragsters!

Here are some Fast Facts about the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League:

  • Competition takes place from a standing start, and the track is 660’, or 1/8th mile in length
  • Jr. Dragsters reach a top speed of 85.00 mph, traversing the course in as little as 7.90 seconds
  • Drag Racing is a highly competitive sport, with races being won or lost by thousandths of a second
  • The average age of a Junior Dragster racer is 12 years old, and of the Jr. Drag Racing League's roughly 4,500 members, about 35 percent are girls.
  • Raceway Park hosts two large events throughout the year, The Founder’s Classic in May, and the Halloween Bash in October

Joining the JDRL…

Boys and girls of all ages can join the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League as either a non-driving MEMBER or a driver/PARTICIPANT. You don't have to race to be part of the scene, however, to actually drive a Jr. Dragster, you must be 5 to 17 years old.


Non-driving members pay just $34 per year, which entitles you to a one-year subscription to Jr. DRAGSTER — the official League newspaper — plus a membership kit that contains a Rulebook, an official membership card, and a membership kit filled with League-related items. (Contents of kit may vary. Prices outside U.S. slightly higher.)


Jr Drag RacingMembers who drive Jr. Dragsters are called participants, and pay just $34 per year. When you join as a participant, you'll get a one-year subscription to Jr. DRAGSTER, plus a membership kit that contains a Rulebook, an official participant card, and a membership kit filled with League-related items. (Contents of kit may vary. Prices outside U.S. slightly higher.) 

Important: You are not eligible to race until you have a participant card. NHRA will issue participant cards only after parents or legal guardians have signed the required Waiver of Liability and Statement of Health forms that NHRA will send them in the mail.


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