At Raceway Park, YOU CAN RACE YOUR RIDE!! Beginner's are welcome to Drag Race their Cars or Motorcycles on our famous 1/4 mile strip!! On Wednesday and select Friday Nights beginner's are welcome to have the "time" of their lives for $20!! A Test & Tune Street Car/Motorcycle Race Ticket is just $20, for 3 Runs (late arrivals may get less than 3 runs). Spectator Tickets are just $10!! Trailered in Race Cars are $30 and No Time Racers are $35. The events are held most every Wednesday and select Friday. Check out "Schedules" to find a date to "Race Your Ride". Below, you'll see commonly asked questions about drag racing at Raceway Park. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us using the
'contact us'   page.

Drag Racing FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I just want to run my car down the track?

Simply racing your car down the track for fun is referred to as “test & tune” or “time trials” – they are the same thing.  Be sure to check our online schedule beforehand to ensure that we are offering these on the days you are attending, as some specialty events are reserved for only a specific make or model of car, but the majority of our days do offer test and tune.

Do I need always mufflers?

Noise restrictions prohibit us from running unmuffled vehicles except for Wednesday nights (6PM-10PM) and Sundays (10AM-730PM.) Unmuffled vehicles are any vehicle without a muffler, or with bullets, straight-thru’s or glasspacks.  Muffled cars must have at least 2 or 3 baffles.  If you are unsure whether your car is too loud, your best bet is to participate on an unmuffled day/night, and ask the tech inspectors to determine whether you would be able to run on a muffled-only day/night.

How long is the track?

Our racetrack is a straight quarter-mile (1,320ft.)  After crossing the finish line (located near the scoreboards, racers should begin to slow down and prepare to take one of the three turnoffs, all located on the left hand side.  Remember that the driver in the left lane has the right of way when exiting the racing surface.

What if I can’t hear the P.A. system for lane calls?

Our P.A. system is simulcast on 87.9 FM.  Be sure to tune to it on your car’s stereo so that no important lane calls or announcements are missed.

How do I race?

Upon entering the facility through gate #3, stay to the left and go down the long road to the pit entrance.  Inform them that you would like to purchase a time trial tech card.  After purchase, you will be directed behind the tower and around to the fence that runs alongside our lake, where a line will form for tech inspection.  Please bring a pen and use your time in line to completely fill out your tech card.  When it is your turn with the tech inspector, he will give a look over your car and credentials to ensure that it meets safety standards.  For those of you without major upgrades or changes from stock, this should be a very quick process.  Please be sure to have a valid state driver’s license in your possession, as it is required to race and we have no way to look up a DL. Once through tech inspection, you will proceed to the staging lane assigned to you by the tech inspector.  Please only use that lane throughout the raceday.  From there you will be sent out to the track, so be sure not to wander too far from your vehicle while it is in the lanes.

Is a helmet required?

YES!  All racers in the state of NJ are required to wear a helmet.  Racers running slower than 14.00 seconds may use a rental helmet.  Racers 13.99 and quicker must use a Snell rated helmet (minimum Snell-2005.)  These are not available for rent, but are for sale in the souvenir store, or at various racing and motorcycle outlets.  Rental helmets are $5 (valid driver’s license left as collateral – be sure to bring tech card with you.)

Can I have passengers?

No. Only the driver is permitted in the racecar.

How do I know how fast I went?

After completing your pass down the track, you will receive a printed timeslip.  It will contain the following information for both cars on that pair: Reaction Time, 60’ Time, 330’ Time, 1/8th Mile Time, 1/8th Mile MPH, 1000’ Time, 1/4th Mile Time, and 1/4th Mile MPH.

What if my car has problems on the track?

It is very important to be aware of your vehicles condition at all times on the racetrack.  If you are experiencing any sort of problem which would result in fluid leaking onto the racetrack it is best to pull over to the guardwall as soon as safely possible.  We can tow you off the track.  It is much easier to clean up a puddle on the side of the track than a strip all the way down the center.  So please, do yourself and fellow racers a favor by pulling over if you believe you may be leaking any fluids.

Are pets permitted?

No. Only working service animals.

What is the minimum age to race?

In New Jersey, you may race at 18 years old with a valid driver’s license.  You are however, permitted to race at 17 with parental consent. Parents or legal guardians must be present to sign paperwork.  You may have a copy of the paperwork notarized and kept on file for the year.

Do I need a valid driver’s license?

An valid unrestricted driver’s license is required.

Are lights required?

Beginning at dusk, cars are required to have minimum of one tail light on so that we may see when you safely exit the track.

What safety gear do I need?

At a minimum, drivers must have a t-shirt, long pants, sneakers, and a helmet.

What if it rains?

Obviously we cannot race while it is raining.  We do however, have the capability to dry the track after rain.  If the weather is questionable, please call our business office at 732-446-7800.  Office staff will answer M-F, 9-5.  Outside of business hours there will be a phone recording that would list any rainouts.  In addition, you may check our website or facebook for the latest information.  If rain happens while racing is in progress, be sure to pay attention to the P.A. system for instruction on rainchecks.

When is a fire jacket required?

A fire jacket is required for ALL racers running an aftermarket power adder (turbocharger, supercharger, or nitrous oxide system.)  In addition, a fire jacket is required for all racers running quicker than 11.50 hardtops or 13.50 for a convertible.