2015 8.50 INDEX RULES

There will be two qualifying sessions when possible, starting as early as 10 am. Certain Sundays are one time shot/qualifying race days. Other factors may affect the number of qualifying sessions. Lane calls at 10 am, subject to change. Racers will be expected to be present when called to the lanes, and there will be no make up qualifiers.  If you are not present during any round, the race will go on without you.


To qualify for the 8.50 Index race, you must be 9.00 seconds or quicker.  In order to expand the eliminator in the 1st round, the qualifying field must be 9.00 or quicker for all cars.

·            Open to any car that qualifies 9.00 e.t. or quicker

·            Sportsman ladder (Race drivers who are broke must notify the tower as soon as qualifying is completed!)

·            .4 Pro Tree/Heads Up/No Breakout/Quickest ET gets lane choice

·            Lane choice to the car running closest to 8.50 without breaking out.

·            Deep staging is allowed.

·            Mufflers Required. 2 or 3 chambered mufflers recommended. Fender exit allowed. No noise restrictions.

·            Maximum tire 10.5” (ex. W33.0/10.5-15W)

·            Any race fuel permitted

·            Minimum vehicle weight: 2800 lbs.

·            Auto Start set at 7 seconds for timeout, activated during Qualifying and Eliminations

·            Courtesy Staging is in effect!!!!!!

If both cars run quicker than 8.50 in eliminations, the car closest to 8.50 wins.


·            Full-bodied factory rear wheel drive street type cars

·            A ribbon-type window net SFI Spec 27.1 is mandatory on full bodied cars that are required to have a roll cage

·            Must be street appearing/no gutted interiors/carpeted interior even if rear seat is removed (The interior should look clean and professionally done)

·            No car will be permitted to go faster than the Chassis is certified for by the NHRA

·            Must have door panels

·            Racecar lettering on windows only (Sponsor Logos permitted)

·            Height on hood scoop to be a maximum 9 inches

·            One-piece fiberglass front ends allowed-must be stock appearing-headlights / grille etc.

·            Back half or stock suspension permitted

·            Windows, Lexan permitted (Roll down windows optional)

·            Must have stock style front suspension

·            No full round or square tube chassis cars

·            On board fire extinguisher is permitted and recommended

·            Oil retention device recommended.


·            Bracket Racing Aids: No throttle stops, No Electric shifters or Optical sensors.  No delay boxes or other driver aided electronics.  The application or use of any device, mechanical or electronic, that permit the driver to ascertain the position of their vehicle in relation to the starting line is prohibited.

·            Progressive Nitrous controller system permitted

NHRA RULEBOOK: Delay boxes/Devices 8.2 under prohibited, 8.7 switches, 9.1 computer


·            Trans Shield meeting SFI Spec. 4.1 mandatory in all cars running quicker than 10.99 or 135 mph

·            Oil retention device (Diaper) recommended for all cars running 9.99 & quicker

·            OEM or aftermarket transmissions with a maximum of 5 forward speeds permitted, including “clutchless” models.  Any gear change must occur from direct action by the driver.  Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic shifters prohibited.  Clutch release devices prohibited.  Trans brakes and 2-steps allowed.

·            Jacket/Pants/Gloves/Neck Collar mandatory in all cars running 9.99 and quicker or 135 mph and quicker

·            NOS permitted as well as other power adders

·            No dragsters

YOU MUST MEET ALL NHRA AND NJ STATE SAFETY REQUIREMENTS!  If you are caught cheating, you will be banned and NHRA will be notified.  Rules are subject to change anytime before or during event/s to keep the 8.50 Index Class competitive.  Race director has all final decisions!